Sunday, 9 November 2014

Linen lace shawl

Hi everybody! This is my brand-new blog, and my very first post shall be about she shawl I knitted from Natalia's pattern - Lavender Fields. 
My first impulse had been to knit this from a nice lavender shade as could have been expected from a shawl with "lavender" in the name, but then this nice natural tone caught my attention, and in combination with amber-colored beads, I thought it was just perfect! The first one I made a year ago and then found a lovely spot to photograph it amidst the dunes of the Baltic coast.

This shawl had found its new owner a long time ago, but just now, I have been approached by a bride-to-be with the request to knit her one for her rustic wedding. It goes without saying that nobody could say "no" to such an honor!

Now about "crunching numbers" - 
Pattern on Ravelry - Lavender Fields 
Yarn - natural undyed Linen #104 2-ply, 95 g (3.35 oz)
Needles - 3.5 mm = US 4
–°rochet hook for adding beads 0.5 mm = US 14 steel
–°rochet hook for binding off 3 mm = US between C and D
Beads - #8 by Preciosa

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