Sunday, 30 November 2014

Friendship bracelets

A little while ago, a new hobby came up among preteens: silicone band bracelets. Since my sons are still too little for this craft, I only fleetingly noticed about this fad on social network sites - until my husband's niece came to visit during summer break. Her unbridled enthusiasm and shining eyes reminded me of my own time many years ago, when it was fashionable to knot friendship bands, give them as gifts, swap them and outdo each other trying to learn complicated patterns.

I immediately started to dig in my old treasure bins and found several samples, for which I was rewarded with a teenagers "Wow! That's cool." - a praise well worth the effort.

For our subsequent knotting session, I prepared well - for starters, to refresh my memory, I made a few bracelets with a simple pattern, and of course, I prepared a treasure chest with a full color range of linen yarn, to give her imagination free reign :)

Our niece immersed herself in this business with great enthusiasm, quickly comprehended how and in which order to make the knots, and teaching her was a real pleasure. Her first bracelet was far from perfect, but from her third one onward, our relatives were unable to distinguish who made which one.
                      Over the course of one evening, we accumulated these riches:
Afterwards, we prepared a bunch of workpieces in different color combinations, to be finished later on
:) The girl was very pleased with the outcome because among her friends, SHE ALONE has these, and I felt happy, too, remembering how I used to make them when I was younger. My suggestion for all of you surrounded by loom band plaiting youth: give it a try!

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