Thursday, 1 January 2015

Lace shawl - Little Dryad

I can't wait to show off my latest masterpiece - a knitted lace shawl from Natalia's newest pattern, Little Dryad.  
The shawl is worked combining two solid colored yarns, changing one of the two strands at a time for the color transition effect - a method you might be familiar with from ready-to-use specialty yarns, only here, you get to pick the colors and transitions!

I used 100 g [3.5 oz] each 2-ply linen yarn in colors 205 and 260 from the palette. Needles - 4 mm [US6 

Start with the yarn in the lighter color held double - working from both ends of the cake - and work until you have completed 7 leaves (I had 10-15 g [3.35-0.5 oz] yarn left over at this point).
Now, break one of the two light colored strands and add in one dark strand in its place - this way, the transition from one color to the next will be smooth and less noticeable.

When the remaining light color is all used up, add in a second strand of dark instead and continue to the end using two strands of dark.
Here a few photos of the finished shawl

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